I painted Jesus by Van Dyck in a pink dress in a party at the Moulin Rouge, painted by Tolouse-Lautrec.
Does that even make sense to you? 

can’t stop me fags 

god bless 


I’m a talentless and unpopular young artist and I have the feeling someone is watching me. I have few feelings, and even they are too simple, like primary colors. Sadness is the basic one lately. Im only sincere when I forget who i am then i can stand or lie or whatever i wish



emo? scene? goth? Not even close. I’m way more original  than any of those worthless labels. I’m the kid who loves to quote his favorite songs. that one guy who actually wants to find love. that one guy who is pushed around too much and takes too much shit. but you know, i’d rather do nothing. karma works in wondrafcsdfdo ways. im that disturbed child, when you look at him you see a kid witj long greasy hair. he looks like he neves leaves his room or has never seen the sun. LABEL ME all you want i know who i am, i am metalhead, and im proud of it

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